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Passionate About Inspiring Others

After my studies at EPFL in financial engineering, I have completed my military duties in Switzerland as a tank pilot in the Swiss Alps for 10 months. Following this, I have joined a big Investment Bank in Zürich where I have been working there for 7 years, as a trader first and later in Corporate strategy and M&A.


I have always been passionate by sports practicing many different sport like running, trail running, road biking and skiing where I am also an instructor in the Swiss Ski School of St. Moritz for the 2022-2023 winter season. But it is only in 2015 that I have discovered kitesurfing. Since then I have been hooked to it and organized various trips with friends. I have obtained my IKO certification in Tarifa, Spain in June 2022 to become an accredited teacher and have obtained 100h+ of teaching all ages, from children to seniors. 

The idea of organizing luxury kite camps came when I was travelling to Brazil, one of my favorite place to kitesurf. Known for its lagoon and a constant wind blowing almost every day from August to December, the place is remote and do not quite offer the necessary infrastructure for newbies in this sport. Therefore, the idea is to offer a very custom experience in the most remote and beautiful places around the world with a focus on quality and security.

Do not hesitate to reach out for any questions / infos via the contact info below.

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